Edinburgh Lightning

Edinburgh Lightning by Kit Carruthers

Scottish sky decorated by lighting storm.

Last year some of the lucky ones had a chance to admire Aurora Borealis, commonly known as Northern Lights, in Edinburgh. It is not a common occurence there, but the nature probably wanted to recompense for too many rainy days that spring. No complaints though, the suffering caused by horizontal rain was quickly forgotten and replaced by memory of the beauty of colourful lights. Recently another amazing and, I would say, equally beautiful phenomenon decorated the skies above the mysterious city of Edinburgh: thunder-storm lighting.

Not an easy task to perpetuate them on a photo, but if you are a very patient photographer who doesn’t mind staying up late and is not scared of angry sounds of thunders that make you hide under a duvet, the results can be quite impressive. Unfortunately for me, I was exploring far away lands when this happened and I did not have a chance to enjoy the show. I am not displaying my sadness with regards to missing the opportunity to photograph it as I guess it takes someone with more technical skills to do so. On the bright side, I know one crazy enough and talented photographer who gives up a night of good sleep to capture some beautiful and rare phenomenons that nature offers. You might order accutane no prescription already know him and his work if you read this blog on regular basis. In the past he shared with me and you, my lovely readers, some cool photos from Scotland. You can find them here and here.Β  Anyways, also this time, of course, the photo turned out pretty amazing, which he proudly shared via social media (and crazily in the middle of the night) and got a moment of fame.

The next day whole Edinburgh talked about nothing else but those thunder lights and the amazing photographs Kit managed to take. Daily Mail, the Times, Daily Record shared the images and he even was interviewed on a radio. Now, as he says, his moment of fame is calming down, but I think the photos won’t disappear and be forgotten quickly. Since the thunderstorm (and especially at this scale) belong to quite rare occurrences in Scotland, we do not expect it to happen again any time soon. I have good news though for you guys. If you love amazing photography and would like to be in possession of your own printed, framed and…wait for it…signed copy of the night sky garnished with the storm lighting over the capital of Scotland, click here to see more details. Do not wait too long as it will be on sale only until 22nd of July.

Keep smiling, follow your heart,