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  • Sunday postcard, Tanzania
Good morning, everyone, I hope you are having a lovely Sunday. Today we have got a postcard from a Maasai Village in Tanzania sent to us by Savannah. “I have nothing and no way to explain what has happened to me over the last two weeks. Where can I even begin? How...
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  • Morocco
I love Morocco. And I love Marrakech. I have been there twice already and thinking to take one more trip to this beautiful country and especially to the vibrant city of Marrakech. My first trip had been a little bit of a cultural shock, but I’ve learned my lessons and...
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Where the time stops. Idle life of Essaouira in Morocco. If you go there, you cannot get enough of enjoying the atmosphere of this charming little fishing town. ♥♥♥ Tam, gdzie czas się zatrzymuje. Spokojne życie w Essaouira w Maroku. Jeśli się tam znajdziecie, trudno będzie wam się się nasycić...
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