What is most important while traveling when it comes to packing? Comfort? Looking fashionable?For me yes, but also I want to look good. This summer there is so many options of clothing that are pretty and comfortable at the same time. Lots of floaty and feminine dresses, skirts an blouses, flowers and soft colours. All the recent trends make it so easy to travel in style in Europe this year and I have prepared for you a few favourites that, I hope, will give you some inspiration.

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Travel in Europe in style this summer

What to pack to travel in style in Europe this summer

1. Stylish hat

I always think that life is much better with a hat. It is a simple accessory that is not only pretty, bur extremely practical, especially in summer where the hot sun is burning. I am recently obsessed with this beautiful white Fedora hat. I think a hat can transform every outfit. 

2. Handbag

I like to travel with a handbag that is spacious enough to fit all the essential items during flights, but at the same time look nice and stylish. I am currently obsessed with this Michael Kors and Longchamp totes. I always take a smaller bag with me to wander around the places with minimum weight, but at the same time I want a bag that is big enough to fit my camera, money, mobile phone and a few other little things. For the last months I have been taking this Michael Kors cross body bag with me everywhere, just perfect for all my things. This year I especially love straw bags of any kind, not only for the beach.


3. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are some of the most comfortale shoes on my travels and at the same time can be worn during a day and for a night out. They also looks perfect with jeans, shorts and dresses. What’s not to like about them?

4. Floaty skirt

Floaty skirts and dresses not only look romantic, but also perfectly cool down a little bit during hor European summers. I love the maxi skirts and a little bit shorter version- midi skirts.

5. White top

White tops and blouses buy nolvadex pct always look good ad they add some freshness to the outfit and brighten up the face. It is usually my first choice whether is is a blouse, shirt or a top.


6. Mirror glasses

Super trendy recently and add a little bit of edge to the outfit. It is important however to chose the ones that have stron UV filter, so apart from looking great they also protect your eyes. 

7. Off the shoulder

I really like off the shoulder tops and dresses, they look super cute. Luckily they are also very trendy now and you can find such a wide range od designs. 


8. Low-heeled sandals

Very comfortable for exploring the European cities paired up with a cute dress. 


9. Accessories

On our adventures around the world, the small and the big ones, it is difficult to travel with jewellery, but there are timeless pieces that will add extra touch to the outfit and will be comfortable to wear and carry. I found little, simple necklaces the best option. 

10. Cute scarf

I wear scarves all the time! In winter they keep me warm, in summer the work as an accessory to the outfit or can be used to cover up in the evening. The possibilities are endless and a scarf can be used in many ways, for example as a light shirt at the beach. All we need is a light scarf and imagination. 

11. Elegant suitcase

A very tired backpack or an old suitcase with worn ut stickers on them are hard to exchange for a new model? I get you, They saw so many places with us and travelled many miles after all. Exploring Europe will for sre include lots of cities and less nature than South America, for example. An elegant and quality suitcase would not be a bad choice to look nice and at the same time comfirtable as opposed to a bulky backpack. 

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Park Retiro, Madrid, Spain

I wish you all happy travels.

Disclaimer: This posts includes some affiliate links for which I get little cash at no cost for you, which helps me to travel and share the stories with you. I only share my favourites with you that I do or would use myself.