Capri, Italy

This week another postcard from Europe arrived to us. Naomi from Poetic Aperture has been exploring the sunny country of Italy and shared with us this photo, which probably speaks more that a thousand words: Italy is a place to chill, soak the warm and inviting atmosphere and simply be.

This is my favorite photo from a trip in May to the Isle of Capri in Italy.  My husband and I were on a small boat tour of the island that let us off for a few hours in a small area where there were not many other people within sight.  We dared to leave our fellow tour participants and hop aboard a small bus on a dirt road, just to see where it would take us.  We ended up in “touristville,” the main square with lots of activity, cheap amoxil no prescription expensive shopping, and noise.  As we wandered over to a coffee shop to sit and enjoy people-watching, I spotted this shopkeeper’s joyous and amused face.  I thought he looked perfectly content there, just enjoying being right where he was.  It made me happy.

Thank you Naomi for sharing with us such a lovely photo. It definitely contaminated me with a temptation to go to Italy…again! I hope it will inspire some of you, my dear readers, to put Italy on your travel list.

If you would like to get to know Naomi a little bit better, visit her blog, Poetic Aperture and her Etsy shop, where you can find her artistic  creations.

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Keep smiling, follow your heart,