I do not shop much. I do not buy many clothes or gadgets. Usually all the extra money I spent on traveling. I have always done that. While studying I had been working two jobs to be able to pay all the expenses and have enough pocket money to sponsor my travels.

I prefer spending money on experiences, not things. It is too much hassle to carry them around the world.

…unless they are practical and pretty.

And this makes me happy. Occasionally however, I like getting pretty things, especially if it helps me travel more easily or more beautifully. I like nice things, what can I say? Hence this cheeky post on gifts. As a travel lover I can assume that that this list may apply to many travel-loving girls.

I have prepared a few ideas for those who struggle with choosing gifts for travel-loving friends, sisters, cousins…or as an inspiration for you, fellow travelettes.

1. A scratch map

Ok, this is not a practical gift and for sure not to take with you on your travels, but I just love it! It is a scratch map to record all the places you have traveled to. It is all gold, but when you scratch each country, it turns into a regular map. Perfect to hang on the wall for travel planning and recording the countries you’ve been to.

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2. LifeStraw filter bottle 

I love this accessoriy for two main reasons. First, I can save so much money on water during my travels. Instead of buying around 2 liters of water a day, this bottle can be filled with tap water and the build in filter will make sure that the water is safe to drink as it kills 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites and bacteria  The second reason is that by using a refill bottle you reduce the rubbish production. What’s not to like about this one!

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3. Cute bracelet

Colorful stone bracelets are perfect for traveling to add a little bit of glam to the outfit.

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4. Macaroon jewelly boxes

Did I tell you that I like things that are pretty and practical? In those cute macaroon boxes you can store your rings and little necklaces and bracelets during your travels. I always loose my jewellery somewhere in the luggage and I think those boxes are a great way to organize small jewellery. And besides…they are really cute. Who doesn’t like macaroons, right?

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5. GoPro Hero

On my recent travels to Galápagos I regreated not having this camera with me. Luckily we met some travelers going on the same trips with us and let us use their GoPro Hero. We got some spectacular underwater photos and videos, way better than we would expect.  I wouldn’t mind finding it under the Christmas tree this year…

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6. Kindle

Entertainment on the go without putting too much weight to your luggage and this version has additionally build-in wi-fi. Great thing to kill time on long airport layovers.

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7. Camera strap with pockets

Bright up your camera equipment with this colorful camera strap, which also has small pockets on each end for coins, accessories, headphones, etc. Pretty and practical…have I already said how much I like that?

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8. Mirror mobile charger 

This a winner for me and a space saver. It is a 2 in 1 pocket mirror with build-in mobile charger. This a great accessory (and a necessity for me) to travel with an extra charger. Especially on long bus trips it might be a life saver.

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9. Dry shampoo

This thing is probably mostly for those girls who love outdoors, adventures or on a really tight travel schedule. It may also come in handy if styling takes you a lot of time. I need it especially on trips to the mountains or rain forests where it is difficult to have my hair washed and still want to look presentable.

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10. Girly Go Garter

I very rarely go out to party during my travels, but when I go I prefer not to carry a handbag with me with all the money and documents. Girly Go Garter is a perfect way to carry the most essential things with you. It is also great on long travels or city sightseeing to keep some cash unseen.

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11. Microfibre towel

On  my recent trip to Galapagos I saw a few Chinese girls using those towels and I thought that it is a thing that should be on my packing list. The towels are perfect for travels: they are small when folded, are soft and dry incredibly fast. I ususally stay in hotels on my travels, but occassionally stay in a hostel and this towel is just perfect. I also love taking it to the beach as sand does not stick to it easily and it is super small and light to carry around.

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12. Scooter suitcase

If you told me about a scooter suitcase before, I would probably tell you that this is a bit crazy. It was before I was traveling so much with many connecting flights. Running around the airport to get to gate on time almost always results in unpleasant sweating. How cool it would be to have a little scooter and arrive without rushing and in style?

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13. Passion planer

It is not an ordinary diary or planner. It helps you to define own dreams, set goals and make them happen. If you are still not sure how would you like your perfect life look like, this planner will assist you with every step by setting up work schedules and plans and seperate them from your personal life.

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14. Handmade luggage tag

It is a little cute details to take on your trips, especially for those girls who like original accessories.

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15. Instax mini camera

It the digital world all around, freshly printed photos bring back a little bit of magic. The thing I especially love about this camera is a vintage touch to the photos.

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16. Cute sleep mask

Again! Practical and pretty. Light on long flights or in hostels can be bothering and we don’t want to waste time on sleeping on our arrival to a new destination, don’t we? I want to spend the days rested, so I can see as much as possible and this little thing helps so much!

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